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SAFETY SOLVENT (NON-FLAMMABLE) - Safe to use on most electrical and plastic components.

MR MECHANIC - An aerosol lubricant that works FOUR ways! It Cleans, Lubricates, Penetrates, and Prevents Rust.

CITRUS DE-GREASER - The power of citrus in a convenient aerosol.

OVEN & GRILL CLEANER - Cleans warm and cold ovens, fryers, grills, etc.

GLASS CLEANER - Non-streaking, non-hazardous formula.

VANDALISM MARK REMOVER - Removes stubborn marks, such as most spray paints, marking inks, crayon, lipstick, etc.

ZINC GALVANIZE - Protects iron, steel, and aluminum from corrosion. Can be painted.

DRY MOLY LUBE - Leaves a dry film of lubricant.

PENETRATING OIL - Penetrates rust and leaves a protective coat.

HOSPITAL DISINFECTANT - Effective as both a surface and space disinfector. Eliminates odors at their source.

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