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3-PART EPOXY CONCRETE PATCH KIT - (w/ Silica Grit) Will permanently patch and repair concrete. Can be used to feather uneven areas and fill cracks.

LOW TEMPERATURE CONCRETE PATCH KIT - Can be used to level uneven floors and fill cracks. Will set and cure in just 25 minutes at freezing temperature!

TRAFFIC MARKER PAINT - For indoor or outdoor striping. Available in white or yellow.

TARMINATOR - A tar and asphalt remover used to remove residual asphalt from paving equipment.

ENVIRO-T - A concrete remover & etch that is made of a buffered and inhibited blend of acids for removing concrete from equipment and forms.

CONCRETE REMOVER - For the removal of residual concrete and spills.

CONCRETE SEALER - For use on cured concrete. Stands up to heavy soil and traffic, prevents oil, grease, and water from penetrating concrete. Available in a wide assortment of colors including clear.

NON-SKID - Same formula as the concrete sealer but the added benefit of a Non-Skid additive. Also available in a variety of colors including clear.

CURING COMPOUND - Speeds up the hardening of concrete and prepares it for sealing or finishing.

LATEX SEALER AND PRESERVATIVE - For protecting and beautifying all blacktop surfaces.  Gasoline and oil resistant.

COLD TAR EPOXY - For repairing and filing asphalt.

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