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 WAX-ON - A high-solid acrylic floor finish. Detergent-resistant. Available in 12-25% solid. Slip-resistant. Will not yellow.


AMAZING FLOOR CLEANER - A highly concentrated cleaner for all hard floors.


WAX-OFF - Designed to remove old buildups of floor finish.


SPRAY BUFF - Removes scuff marks and soil. For use with buffing machines. Leaves a high-gloss finish, eliminates the need to recoat entire floor.


DUST MOP TREATMENT - Turns your mop into a dust magnet.


RUG SHAMPOO - A fast-drying rug and upholstery shampoo that is safe for all fabrics and quick vacuuming.


STEAM-CLEANING RUG SHAMPOO - A highly concentrated rug shampoo designed to be used in steamers.


ANTI-STATIC FABRIC TREATMENT - Will eliminate static electricity.


KITCHEN MAGICIAN - A highly concentrated, food-safe cleaner and grease cutter. It is ideal for hotel, restaurant, and hospitality industries.

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