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 TOTAL WEED KILLER - Ready to use, non-selective weed killer with a long-lasting residual effect. Available without 24-D.


WEED EASY - A non-selective granular weed killer.


AQUATIC WEED KILLER - For non-selective control of all vegetation in ponds and streams.


TOP KILL - For non-residual control over all vegetation above ground. Becomes inactive upon ground contact.


LIQUID FERTILIZER - For all turf areas.


RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE - Kills all crawling and flying insects with long-lasting residual effects.


MELT-A-WAY - Not a salt. Melt-A-Way is an ice & snow melting pellet designed to work in a time-release action that is safe for the pavement and grass.


LIQUID ICE MELT - For removing the ice build-up from equipment. Leaves a coating that helps to prevent re-icing.

WATER WETTER CONCENTRATE - Prevents dust from blowing around. makes water wetter. use for dust control and lawn/turf conditioning.



SNOW PLOW WAX - Prevents the build-up of snow on plows and equipment.

BILGE & ENGINE ROOM CLEANER - Safe to use for cleaning and removing sludge from bilges. Cleans engine rooms.

UNIVERSAL FUEL ADDITIVE - Can be used in either gasoline or diesel fuel to eliminate hard winter starts, as well as preventing water and gelling fuel.

ODOR CONTROL GRANULES - For controlling malodors in any situation. Available in a variety of scents.

ENZYME DRAIN MAINTAINER - Formulated to keep drains and traps free & clear of all organic waste build-up.

LIQUID ENZYME & DEODORIZER - Highly concentrated formulation. Ideal for keeping grease traps clear and odor free. for industrial or agricultural use.

PETROLEUM ENZYME - Dissolves and decomposes residual oil spills.

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